[QSC] Quality – Strength – Consistency

Agribis Genetics is a revolutionary company that is dedicated to creating effective ‘out of the box’ solutions for a better way of life.  We are creating an evaluation model [how we judge product quality] that focuses on our primary concerns [QSC] Quality, Strength and Consistency.  So to get ahead it and solve this problem, we own the entire process from “seed to sell” or “dirt to door”.   The Idea is, if we own the whole process and don’t rely on any other company for anything, we have the greatest probability of consistantly insuring the finest quality product.  We can set higher standards than the industry and hold ourselves to it ensuring our [QSC] .


Quality is the first most important trait, because if it isn’t good no one is coming back.  For us quality means a lot of things including the level of THC or CBD, the quality of the strain, the effectiveness of the dosage and the experience of not only the Participant but also those around them.  For us quality comes down to the ability for the user to be able to have a great experience without encroaching or effecting their surroundings or environment.


The Strength of the various Cannabis products especially including Edibles has always been an issue.  Our goal is to tighten the reigns on that and buildout a system that can quantify the proper dosage for the various ailments and needs.  To get positive results, it takes different strengths, strains and sizes depending on the issue or severity of the problem.


And finally, the biggest problem in this industry is the lack of consistency.  One grower does it like this while another one does it like that.  One Manufacture used Solvent less and another uses Hydrocarbon.   We know it is just a matter of time before we have benchmarks to abide by.  For us it’s about staying ahead of the curve and in front of the obstacles.  To Grow at the rate and caliber we want to, it won’t help to have a great product one week, if the next week’s is going to be insufficient and below standards.

“To have a truly incredible product it will have to fist be CONSISTENT.”

Cultivation / Grow Operation

The first of the Three Areas we are interested in is the Grow Operation.  It is our first ability to get off to a great start with in the cycle.  The cultivation gives us the ability to create our own strands that will respond and react in a certain way.  We are currently working on 3 brand new strands that are a hybrid of Sativa and Indica, with an incredible smell and taste.


Manufacturing will be a big part of what we do.  We want to infuse not only flavors but smells to the Concentrates as well.


The final piece will be a chain of dispensaries around the State of California and then Nationally.


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