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Pete Asmus


Pete Asmus is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Marketing & Branding Expert, Speaker, Author, Father, and Marketing Consultant for Paradyme Funding Inc.

He’s spent the last 10+ years learning, teaching, speaking and searching for the perfect investing system for himself and to be able to offer the same system to investors just like you. Over the years, he has experienced both failures and success and has learned from both. From these experiences, he has made connections and built KEY relationships with the top investors, operators and deal makers in the industry. Because of his connections he was able to create a sustainable Turnkey System that actually does what he believes others wanted or hoped to facilitate.

After PERSONALLY TRAINING with leaders in the industry like Robert Allen, Pete Solaris and Dave Seymour [to name a few], Pete’s real estate knowledge is extensive; encompassing mobile homes to residential real estate, and notes to commercial buildings. Because he’s been investing, teaching, and speaking for years, and has personally trained 1000’s of students for these Industry Experts he has been involved in 1000’s of deals with Millions in Profit. Now it’s YOUR TURN to get THOSE RESULTS from his network, resources and Systems! What he found is that he is OUTSTANDING at Partnering Private Money with projects, getting you to think differently and giving you the resources to take action now!

He also was able to see the biggest problem facing new investors… Feeling comfortable enough to start investing and solved it with the UNDERWRITERS Workshop. Pete is also Editor of Investor Quarterly, an Award winning Radio Host, Author of Force YOUR Dreams into Reality, the QUESTION Factor and Stock Market Refugee; finally he is the Marketing Director for TheTURNKEYinvestor.com. Pete has built a database of over 2.5 Million investors and Entrepreneurs, owns the Largest Real Estate Group in the world [Totaling over 575k Investors] and the 4 largest groups on LinkedIn [Totaling over 1.1M] including the Largest Commercial Group [Along with his database his reach is over 3.5M Investors and Entrepreneurs]

Find out more about Pete at PeteAsmus.com

Mark Scarola


Mark Scarola has a background in social services. He has degrees in psychology and social work and has worked with community leaders in the past to create programs to build and serve their citizens. He is also a licensed mental health therapist who started a non-profit organization aimed at helping those unable to access quality mental health counseling for reasons such as cost, disability, or geographic distance. This organization drew in over 11,000 visitors a month, with thousands participating in emotional support web forums which Mark managed.

Mark is a diligent, thorough, and ambitious individual by nature, who also created and continues to organize a real estate investment group that meets monthly. He coordinates guest speakers, venues, and networking opportunities, and manages a database of members. Additionally, Mark invests in mortgage notes where he works with financially struggling homeowners by tapping into his counseling background. In doing so he is able to negotiate financial arrangements that all parties can find favorable.

Mark will have an active role in overseeing the community development aspect of our plan.