The legalization of recreational marijuana in numerous states has created a market and a great investment opportunity. Once federal law is liberalized to allow wider use of cannabis, which is the direction current developments have been leading to, this is going to be a sunrise industry with huge growth potentials.  Our goal is to create a strong foundation in this new emerging market and be prepared for 2018.  We plan on doing this from multiple directions. From purchasing land and securing conditional use permits in various strategic cities and counties to building out cultivation grows, manufacturing facilities and Dispensaries.  Our goal is to have the first chain of dispensaries and retail stores allowing us the chance for the first time to have reliable consistency with in the product.

One of the major problems with this industry and will continue to be that way for a few more years is the fallacy that all people who take Cannabis are “Stoners”.  The reality is this industry is FILLED with lazy people who don’t know business or work ethic.  This industry has NEVER been treated like a real business UNTIL NOW.  Our main goal is to help people understand that 48,000 people die from alcohol every year, 288,000 die from Cigarettes and we all accept them as “OK”.  Yet Cannabis that has ZERO DEATHS EVER is considered bad and harmful.  You can go to our FAQ page to see an incredible amount of proof.

At the end of the day we know the opportunity with cannabis in unprecedented.  This will be even bigger than the end of prohibition of alcohol, because we have so many more people, acceptance and technology.  The winners in this sector will be the first ones out with a consistency, customer service and high grade product.  Because of all the indoor Hydroponics and the science that is now going into the manufacturing of extracts the effectiveness of the product has increased ten fold.  We can now prescribe certain strains for certain ailments decreasing the dependence on Big Pharma and prescription pills.


Where we are going

Manufactures in the “Vape” industry figured out how to add flavor and smell to the oils they added the Nicotine to.  What this did was make for a more enjoyable experience for not only the user but anyone in proximity.  This concept has us on a mission to do the same in the concentrate world of Cannabis.  We feel this is going to be a huge component of not only the medicinal aspect of cannabis but the even bigger sector that is coming right behind it of recreational use.  We feel at this point anywhere from 45-68% of the population will be taking cannabis in one way or another as a supplement.  Whether it’s CBDs from Hemp or the THC which has the more psychoactive side effects we feel Cannabis will find it’s way within 10 years into 70-80% of the population, whether they admit it or not.