What is a Mission Statement


At Agribis Genetics LLC, we are focused on creating an incredible solution in an ever growing market.  The legalization of recreational marijuana in numerous states has created a void and a great investment opportunity.  Meaning for the first time in history we are able to bring structure and consistency to an industry and sector that has been a little wild west, a little rock and roll and a little laid back.  Once federal law is liberalized to allow wider use of cannabis, which is the direction current developments have been leading to, this is going to be a sunrise industry with huge growth potentials.

At Agribis Genetics we Grow, Manufacture and Distribute the highest quality Cannabis [in all it’s forms], with consistency in packaging, strength and quantity to consistently ensure an incredible user experience.

Our goal is to facilitate the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of Medical and Recreational Cannabis by owning the process.  If we control the quality, strength and consistency of CBD or THC within the product, we can then begin to create an environment where dose become predictable for certain aliments.  We can now determine the proper dosage for Anxiety or insomnia. By focusing on the industry as a whole we can see the problems and create solutions and benchmarks that will be more effective than current methods.


When we look to the future, we focus on what we can do to help our families, your families and everyone’s quality of life.  If we can make better, more effective ways of taking the medication we can then begin to lower our dependance on the Pharma industry.  This product and it’s medicinal effects can be administered in multiple ways, from food, drinks, candy bars, concentrate, and flower bud to name a few.  This sector and industry will have more growth in the next 5 years than any other industry in the world and how we respond to this growth will dictate where we end up in the industry.